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Hi and welcome! My name is Brie, and with the help of my sister Hannah, I hope to show you the world and my take on how to navigate it. Traveling has always been a huge part of our family’s life; it is what has kept us close while letting us experience glimpses of life across continents. Now I am in my twenties and dear old Mom and Dad don’t plan

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Hannah and me – Wellington, NZ

my trips, hand over the check book or keep me out of trouble abroad, so my sister and I have had to learn how to do it all ourselves (since neither of us saw “stop exploring” as an option). Our trip plans don’t happen overnight, they often take hours of research and deal hunting. Sometimes things go smoothly, but other times we have to learn lessons the hard way. I want to help new travelers be better equipped for the road ahead. This blog is designed to consolidate all the research we do before a trip, from where to stay to what to wear, in a one stop shop. Together we can teach ourselves to be the savvy travelers I know we can be!

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